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“Temperati-va (a)plauzibilitatile”

A.V. Blogul d-lui Rafael Udriste publica un articol de saptamina trecuta al lui Andrei Plesu, “Cine a scris Biblia.” Daca problema “autorlâcului” Bibliei cere intr-adevar “fineturi” de eruditie, atunci cum poate un pravoslavnic “baut” sa stie sa bine-cuvânte asa ceva … Continue reading

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Zero Marginal Productivity (ZMP)

Alin Voicu A very interesting point in macroeconomics is made by Scott Sumner ( regarding the possibility and plausibility of zero marginal productivity workers. Upon observations that The ZMP discussion seems to me to flirt with the edges of the … Continue reading

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Alin Voicu Opening the day’s newspaper after this was just posted on Front Porch Republic (reproduced below), one could find an article on the rural-urban contrast in the US: “Population Leaves Heartland Behind” which says that Americans continued to abandon … Continue reading

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