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Greshealae de tipar?

Apropo de frenezia asupra descoperirii unei legături de limbă galezo-române. E probabil o greșeală nu neapărat a autorului (care se pare că le are pe astea cu limbile străine) cît a editurii, confundînd la momentul culegerii textului (poate datorită pronunției … Continue reading

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Francly speaking

The Swiss National Bank’s had its balance sheet expand 5X since 2008 and about 2X since the institution of the cap in 2011. Due to what the SNB’s communiqué calls “recent divergences between the monetary policies of the major currency … Continue reading

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Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (4-Feb-1906 – 30-Oct-1994)

Natural laws and the qualitative residual. Examples of processes that are not indifferent to size are so abundant in natural sciences that one can only wonder how their existence may ever be ignored by other disciplines. At the microscale, organic … Continue reading

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