…[N]o social science can subserve the art of government as efficaciously as physics does the the art of space travel, for example. Nevertheless, some social scientists simply refuse to reconcile themselves to this verdict and, apparently in despair, have come out with a curious proposal: to devise means which will compel people to behave the way “we” want, so that “our” predictions will always come true. The project, in which we recognize the continual striving for a “rational” society beginning with Plato’s, cannot succeed (not even under physical coercion, for a long time) simply because of the blatant petitio principii: the first prerequisite of any plan is that the behavior of the material involved should be completely predictable, at least for some appreciable period.

But aggressive scholarship will never run out of new plans for the “betterment of mankind.” Since the difficulties of making an old society behave as we want can no longer be concealed, why not produce a new society according to our own “rational” plans… Most interesting of all, they do not even seem to suspect that a society made only of geniuses, nay, of people fit only for an intellectual occupation, could not live even for one day. On the other hand, if the man-made society includes also a “productive” class, the inevitable social conflict between the two classes will stop that society from being “rational” (unless the same biological wizards can remodel the human species after the genetic pattern of the social insects).

–Nicolae Georgescu-Roegen, The Entropy Law and the Economic Process, Harvard, 1971/1999


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